Alumni News

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Michael Barnard

It is with great sadness that the school learnt of the recent death of Michael Barnard, known by the pupils as Mr B. Michael was front of house and Bursar at The Prep from 1984-1998. He passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 95.

Michael’s funeral will take place on Friday 15th March at 3.00pm at the Bluebell Cemetery, Halstead, TN14 7AE.


Edward Oatley’s trip to Cambodia and Vietnam

Read about Edward Oatley’s recent tour of Cambodia and Vietnam here


Max Findlay

It has been lovely to be in touch again with Max Findlay, 1960s Alumni:

“I was at Sevenoaks Prep School in the early 1960s. Very recently, I was back in Sevenoaks on a nostalgic trip – I’ve just retired and wanted to have a good look at where I’ve been in the past. I took a photograph of the Vine at a particular spot where I and a number of my contemporaries had the first realisations of what talents we might have (or didn’t have) and how we might possibly spend our adult lives. There was something special about this place.

Curiously enough, I now live close to Wimbledon tennis and I saw a clutch of schoolchildren on their way to the championships who looked remarkably like those in the the photographs on your site. I would love to think that I walked past pupils of my old school.

The other day I was winding up some work I’ve been doing with a guy called Colin Pugh and I suddenly remembered an inspirational history teacher of the same name who taught me at SPS in the early/mid 1960s. He left to go to Manchester (MGS possibly) I think and I was just wondering what happened to him? “