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Pre-Prep Wraparound Care

PRE-PREP WRAPAROUND CARE: Enriching Every Moment

At Sevenoaks Prep, we understand the juggling act of modern family life.  That is why we are delighted to offer comprehensive wraparound care, designed to support both our busy parents and the vibrant lives of our pupils. From early morning to evening, we are here to ensure your child’s day is filled with enriching experiences and endless possibilities.

Embrace the Morning with Breakfast Club

Start your child’s day off right with our inviting Breakfast Club, held in the warm embrace of the Pre-Prep Hall from 7.30am. Our dedicated team serves up a nutritious spread of hot breakfast delights, fresh fruit, yoghurt and cereals, setting the stage for a day of energy and excitement. With time for supervised games and activities after breakfast, your child will kickstart their day with laughter and camaraderie. Rest assured, our attentive staff will safely escort your child to their classrooms, ensuring a seamless transition into the school day. Flexible and convenient, Breakfast Club is bookable via our parent portal, providing you with peace of mind and hassle-free planning.

Please note that there is an additional charge for this facility.

After School Adventures Await

Late Stay

For those families who want to stay a little later, Late Stay offers a welcoming haven until 4.00pm, catering to children with older siblings in the Prep school or those attending clubs, to allow parents just one pick up time. Free of charge, Late Stay provides a supervised space for children to unwind and engage in playful activities with friends.

Little Oaks

Looking for extended care? Little Oaks is the perfect solution, running until 6.00pm and featuring a comforting tea and a range of supervised activities.  Little Oaks ensures your child’s afternoon is filled with warmth, nourishment and fun-filled moments.

Please note that there is an additional charge for Little Oaks.


Both Late Stay and Little Oaks can be easily booked via our school portal, giving you the flexibility to plan your child’s after-school routine with ease.  Remember, prompt collection by 6.00pm ensures a smooth end to your child’s day.

Discover the Joy of Club Life

Ignite your child’s passions and interests with our diverse array of clubs and activities, ranging from golf and ballet to street dance and rugby. Booked on a termly basis, our clubs offer the perfect opportunity for your child to explore new hobbies, hone their skills and make lasting friendships.  With specialist teachers guiding the way, your child will thrive in an environment of creativity, camaraderie and continuous growth.

At Sevenoaks Prep, our wraparound care is not just about convenience—it is about creating unforgettable moments and nurturing the whole child, every step of the way. Join us in embracing every moment of your child’s journey, from dawn till dusk, with care, warmth and boundless enthusiasm.