Year 8 Mentoring

9th July 24

Our Year 8 students have been enjoying mentoring some of the younger year groups and have recently spent time with both Year 3 and Year 5.

With Year 3 they split into four groups and were instructed to plan, organise and execute a 12-minute activity before their group rotated onto the next activity. The Year 8 students demonstrated exceptional leadership and motivation in their tasks. They planned games that were perfectly suited to the skill levels of the Year 3 students and effectively used reflection discussions to refine their activities. The Year 3 children thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and literally skipped off to lunch after their session with them!

Year 8 then joined Year 5 for some ‘Escape Room’ style activities set up around the school! Working together in groups, they had a blast deciphering clues and solving puzzles, showcasing their teamwork and problem-solving skills.

It was a fantastic opportunity for students to collaborate across year groups and have fun while learning!