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Prep Curriculum


Pupils move to the Prep school for Year 3.  Our aim is to provide a rich and varied curriculum which is stimulating and suitably demanding and flexible enough to suit the ability of each child and to bring out the best in all of our pupils.

All classes are small and pupils receive tuition in a broad range of subjects: English, Maths, French, Science, ICT, History, Geography, Personal and Social Education, Art, Music, Drama, PE and Games. Spanish is included in the curriculum from Year 5, but pupils can join Spanish club at a younger age.  By the age of 11, our pupils are taught by specialist teachers in all subjects whilst each class continues to have a form teacher who monitors their progress.

The curriculum is tailored to the needs of the pupils and their future aspirations.  Whilst due regard is paid to the National Curriculum, our children are taught to the highest standard achievable by the individual.  To this end, our teachers ensure that every pupil is motivated, challenged and prepared for examinations and scholarships to independent schools or 11+ or 13+ entry tests to local grammar schools.

Our pupils achieve excellent academic results and are successful in gaining entry into schools of their choice.  Each year our pupils gain places at grammar schools, but the majority of the children are prepared for Common Entrance exams in Year 8 to a wide range of senior independent schools with setting and subject options providing the right curriculum balance and challenge to fit the ability profile of the children.  Furthermore, our scholarship classes provide additional challenge to Year 8 pupils who are applying for academic, music, drama, art and sports scholarships to their senior schools.  Each year, a number of children are awarded scholarships to leading independent schools.

The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievement is excellent.”

ISI Inspection 2022



The opportunity for each pupil to play sport is essential in their development both socially and physically. Pupils have scheduled physical activities at least three days out of five during the week. The main sports are rugby, hockey, football, netball, athletics, cricket and tennis. Every child represents the school in regular fixtures with local schools and we also host an annual cross country event, The Thomas Trophy, and a rugby tournament, The Oldroyd Sevens.

Our inventive cricket programme is unique in that our pupils are selected for teams by ability and not gender, so our all boys and girls play together from U8 up to our 1st XI.

All pupils have the chance to try their hand at a number of other sports through after school clubs which include golf, fencing, judo and gymnastics.

We have extensive playing fields that cater for football and rugby pitches during the winter months and cricket pitches and a athletics track during the summer. In addition we also have netball and tennis courts and a large sports hall.

Our sports scholarship programme for Year 7 and 8 pupils includes strength and conditioning classes and a mixed sports programme.

“Physical literacy’ and developing a ‘good relationship with fitness for life’ are school buzz-phrases. While ‘you’ve always got the buy-in from the sporty kids’ the mission here is to extend this to all.”

Good Schools Guide 2022



Music plays a large part of pupils’ lives at The Prep with all children receiving at least one timetabled music lesson per week.  It’s an entertaining and educative curriculum, which allows for flexibility, fun and creative music making as well as the ability to introduce the children to many different genres and composers.   Many pupils also take individual lessons in a variety of musical instruments including piano, drums, guitar, violin and singing, are part of a variety of school musical bands, perform in regular concerts and sit music exams. They also have the chance to perform in drama productions and sing in our choirs and chamber choir.  Our Christmas Concert, Summer Concert and Prep Idol are our largest musical events in the school calendar which are interspersed by smaller musical events including house music and weekly music assemblies.


There are 3 school drama productions in the Prep school each year and every pupil is encouraged to take part; either on stage or behind the scenes.  In addition, House Drama is an annual competition where Year 8 pupils direct and produce productions involving pupils across all year groups.

“The creative arts faculty is well resourced. Infectious enthusiasm and the encouragement to ‘just try it’ almost saw us heading straight back to the head’s office to have a go on that electric guitar!”

Good Schools Guide 2022


Regular charity fund raising events help pupils to understand their greater role within society.  Pupils are given the opportunity to reinforce their classroom learning with regular visits, workshops and field trips. These vary from Bushcraft stays to visiting Bayeux, Ypres and the WWI trenches.

A pupils’ School Council, with representatives from each class, meets regularly. Pupils’ concerns, opinions and ideas are brought to the attention of Mr Harrison and discussed, with decisions being made as necessary.

As the children enter Year 7 they are offered opportunities for responsibilities and leadership which enable them to move on in life with confidence as well as self-reliance.  Years 7 and 8 pupils wear a different colour blazer to the rest of the school to highlight the important role they have. They are buddies to younger pupils and organise and lead many groups in the school including the School Council and the House Music Competition.




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