Inspection Reports

Independent Schools Inspectorate Report: 2022

I am thrilled to be able to publish our latest Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) report.

Sevenoaks Prep’s leadership team and governors are incredibly proud to share that our inspection has been graded as “Excellent” for both pupils’ personal and academic achievements, the highest outcome that a school can receive. We are also fully compliant in meeting the standards set out in the Independent School Standards Regulations.

The inspection was a thorough and rigorous process; inspectors took time to review our school website, policies and procedures, and thoroughly examined our procedures relating to safeguarding, health and safety. When determining the outcome of the quality of the education we provide, inspectors took the time to meet with pupils, interview staff, visit assemblies, observe extra-curricular clubs, as well as visit many lessons across the whole school, scrutinise work in pupils’ books and review our pupil achievement data. In addition, the results of the pupil, staff and parent questionnaires were considered. All of these activities enabled the inspecting team to get a holistic, honest and accurate reflection of Sevenoaks Prep.

When I read through the report, I was so pleased to see that the inspectors had truly understood our ethos and core values, continually referring to our Way of Life. We are always proud of our pupils and their achievements – as well as their abilities to communicate and collaborate – and the inspectors were no less impressed when seeing the children in action throughout the time they were with us.

I am so pleased for the pupils and the staff – who continue to work so hard – and it is so wonderful to see this application rewarded by such a glowing ISI report. I also want to take this opportunity to thank our parent body for their ongoing support.

Luke Harrison

Independent Schools Inspectorate Report: 2017

Sevenoaks Preparatory School received a Regulatory Compliance Inspection by ISI in June 2017.

This new system of inspection measured our compliance with standards.  There were no descriptions pertaining to the quality of educational provision or management, and the report therefore contains no qualitative judgements (with inspectors not permitted to use words such as “outstanding” or “exceptional”).

Inspectors scrutinised eight areas of the school:

  1. Quality of education provided
  2. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils
  3. Welfare, health and safety of pupils
  4. Suitability of staff, supply staff and proprietors
  5. Premises of and accommodation at schools
  6. Provision of information
  7. Manner in which complaints are handled
  8. Quality of leadership in and management of schools

You will see from the report that Sevenoaks Prep met the standard in all eight areas, with no recommendations for further improvement.  This is the highest possible achievement under this inspection framework.

We are, therefore, extremely proud of this accolade.

What is the ISI?

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is the body approved by the Department for Education for the purpose of inspecting schools belonging to the Independent Schools Council (ISC) Associations and reporting on compliance with independent school regulations.  ISI inspections are also carried out under arrangements of the ISC Associations for the maintenance and improvement of the quality of their membership.

The ISI website gives more information on the different types of Inspection.