Head’s Welcome


There was once a pupil who loved his school. He did well in some subjects and found others difficult. There were good days and there were challenging days. However, every day offered new opportunities to learn, enquire and think. He enjoyed the thrill of representing his school at sport; he loved the buzz of performing in plays and music concerts; he valued the responsibilities he was given and the trust he was shown. At the age of thirteen, he left his school knowing that it had helped to prepare him for what lay in store. He thought about the teachers who had given him the most precious gifts they could: their enthusiasm, their patience and their time. He thought about how his parents had always felt part of the school and together it had all felt like one big family.

This school has changed over the years. It is now fully co-educational (accepting boys and girls from 2 ½ to 13 years). New facilities have enhanced the teaching and learning. It has embraced new educational challenges.

However, it remains true to its ethos – The Way of Life. It is still a family school that values every member of its community. It is still a school that achieves tremendous academic success at 11+, 13+ and scholarships to independent and grammar schools. It is a school that encourages its pupils, amongst other things, to tread the boards, play for sports teams, perform in music concerts and participate in after-school clubs. It remains a school that allows teachers to teach and encourages children to enjoy their childhood.

It is still the school I loved.

Welcome to “The Prep”.

Luke Harrison, Headmaster

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