Charities / Community

Here at The Prep, we strive to give not only our pupils a head start in life, but also to improve the lives of a wide range of people around the globe. We can do this by fundraising for various causes that help build communities and provide these communities with necessities. In addition Prep pupils can visit local communities in need, providing support in a very direct manner.

In our Centenary year, we supported Save The Children as our main school charity.  Save The Children works tirelessly to give children who are struggling through illness, poverty or war a future.  We were delighted to raise £14,494.50.

We  also supported many local community projects through our centenary challenge: 100 Club.  Every pupil, staff member and governors in the school undertook a centenary challenge and, once completed, joined our 100 Club.  Challenges included 100 acts of kindness, donations of 100 items to the Loaves and Fishes foodbank, collection of 100 discarded plastic items from our countryside, sending 100 pairs of glasses to a developing country and more.

For many years we have also worked with The Salvation Army and Loaves and Fishes locally and We See Hope and Haller at an international level.  Haller helps communities in Africa by providing resources for education and farming.  We have long been a supporter of their education centre in Nguuni on the outskirts of Mombassa in Kenya by providing books, uniforms and equipment.

In 2022, we have chosen to also lend support to Sevenoaks-based charity Friends for Families and the Phoenix Academy which empowers underprivileged teenagers through sport.