Digital Device Program Years 7 And 8

Digital Device Program: Years 7 and 8

Vision and Rationale

As part of our ‘Way of Life’ at Sevenoaks Preparatory School we prepare our pupils for the future.  This incorporates core values, such as developing relationships and caring for each other.  It also involves preparation for later life and we realise that having strong technical skills is important in the modern workplace.

Providing access to safe and reliable technology is an important part of this journey.  Research has proven that technology, when used effectively, can both enhance and transform learning.  This includes developing important skills, including: critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration.

As pupils begin to work more independently in Years 7 and 8 we have set up an individual device programme. Year 7 and Year 8 use school provided iPads.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will devices be used in every lesson?

Technology may feature prominently in some lessons and less so in others.  We believe achieving a balance in online and offline activities is essential.  The devices will therefore serve as tools which teachers and students can use to support their learning and this combination is described as blended learning.

Can you provide some examples of how devices will be used?

Devices will be used to support communication and collaboration using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.  Pupils will also be able to personalise their learning when researching topics.  Various apps exist which can make learning more engaging.  Examples include the use of virtual and augmented reality apps.  Apps can be used to support pupils with exam revision as part of Common Entrance preparation.  Pupils will be able to combine various apps to create content during music and art lessons.  PE teachers can use apps to analyse sporting performance.

What are the expectations in terms of pupil behaviour?

Pupils have all signed an Acceptable Use Policy which clearly defines what is acceptable and not acceptable.  This will be explained to pupils at the beginning of each school year so that the rules and boundaries are well-established.

Will this replace more traditional skills such as the teaching of writing and handwriting in classrooms?

No, whilst we are committed to preparing pupils for an increasingly digital future, we also value and place great importance on face to face communication and handwriting.

Will pupils need to develop their typing skills?

Yes, developing typing skills will be an important part of the program so pupils can use these devices effectively in lessons.  They will need to develop both their accuracy and words per minute.  The school will provide access to a dedicated program to help pupils develop these skills.

How can the school protect my child from inappropriate content?

We have a robust filtering system in place that will protect your children.  This system blocks access to inappropriate content.

Will the school provide technical support?

Yes, our IT team will make every effort to help your child if they have technical issues.  For issues that relate more to device usage, our staff will provide first line support during lessons.

Can my child charge the device at school?

It is very important that your child brings the device to school fully charged each day.  However, if necessary students can charge their device over break-times.

Will I need to replace/repair the device if it is lost, stolen or damaged?

The iPad remains the school’s property at all times, and you will be liable for any loss or damage to it while it is off the school premises.

What happens if my child forgets his or her device on a given day?

We will have a small and limited bank of spare devices, however, it is really important that students remember to bring their device each day.