Parents’ Involvement

Communication is crucial.  We believe the education of a child is most successful when teachers and parents work closely together.

Parents are kept up to date with their child’s progress with formal meetings, reports and online journals.  In addition, staff are always available for parents to contact if they feel any matter needs their attention. This openness leads to plenty of discussion on how individual needs can be met.

Sevenoaks Prep is about the whole family. Cheering on the touchline, team teas, supporting our performers, manning a stall at the Christmas Bazaar – our parents’ support is integral to our culture and our families say this is where many of their great friendships began.

Alumni and their parents regularly attend school events to continue their assocation with The Prep.  The school grounds are used by past and present families during the weekends and holidays for picnics, cycling, games and other activities.

The main social events in the school calendar are Bonfire Night and the Christmas Bazaar in the Autumn term, the Quiz Night in the Spring term and a Ball and Family Day in the Summer Term.  In addition, year groups will have their own social evenings and there are smaller events including the Nursery and Kindergarten Grand Prix and a disco for Years 1 and 2.

Anyone is welcome to attend, help at or organise an event. Attending the events and helping to organise them is a wonderful way to get to know other parents in this lively and friendly school community.

Form Reps

Each year group has designated Form Reps, parents who have volunteered to aid communication of key messages and organisation of school events.  As well as taking part in school-wide events, the reps organise coffee mornings and nights out for parents.  Our termly Parent Forum meetings also serve as a forum in which parents can raise issues regarding any aspect of the school. The class rep provides an important role in gathering the class’s opinions and concerns and bringing them to the attention of the chairperson prior to the meeting. These matters can then be added to the agenda and addressed by the committee at the meetings.  The reps are then able to pass information back to the class following these meetings.


“We feel fortunate to be part of such a welcoming and happy community.” Current parent