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Sevenoaks Preparatory School

Godden Green
TN15 0JU

School Email
Prep Office 01732 762336
Pre-Prep Office 01732 763572
Late Room
(Years 3 to 8)
01732 764836
(from 17.00 onwards only)
Little Oaks
and Late Stay
07502 563876
PA to Headmaster 01732 762336
Admissions 01732 762336
Chair of Governors
Mrs J Berry
01732 762336
Mr A Hodgkin
01732 762274


If you would like to contact the Board of Governors please do so via the Bursar in her role as Clerk to the Governors.

For comments and suggestions on the school car park, please contact our parking committee at


Sevenoaks Preparatory School is a limited company registered in England and Wales no. 3777308 and a Registered Charity no. 1100021.

We take any concern or complaint very seriously and aim to respond on a case by case basis in accordance to our policy. We received zero formal complaints in the last academic year (2021/22).


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