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Welcome to Sevenoaks Pre-Prep, the home of our youngest learners from Nursery to Year Two. 

We open our doors to children aged two in our Nursery and prepare them throughout their time at the Pre-Prep for their journey into our Prep school at age seven.   

Sevenoaks Pre-Prep is a place where we celebrate childhood through creating exciting, unique, fun and adventurous learning opportunities and capture many magical moments.  We pride ourselves on our family ethos and we believe in knowing each and every child as an individual in order to nurture them and celebrate their strengths, as well as supporting them to be the very best they can be.  

Our children love coming to school because they feel safe and cared for They know that it is exciting to take risks in their learning and through our ‘Growth Mindset’ philosophy the children become independent, resilient learners who learn life skills alongside their academic work.   

When you visit Sevenoaks Pre-Prep be prepared to see lines of wellies, a few muddy children dotted here and there as well as effervescent classrooms because we believe that true learning takes place when children are active and doing and only once they have experienced hands on, practical learning can they put pen to paper, which is where the real magic happens 

We are proud educatorswe celebrate a unique tapestry of life and grow the children from little acorns to mighty oaks.  At the end of their Pre-Prep journey the children are fully prepared for the exciting and challenging journey ahead of them in our Prep school.  

Helen Cook 

Head of Pre-Prep  

Sevenoaks Prep School
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