Welcome to Sevenoaks Pre-Prep, where the journey of learning begins for our youngest learners, from Nursery to Year Two.

From the tender age of two, our Nursery warmly welcomes children, setting the stage for their educational voyage through our Pre-Prep and beyond.  At The Prep, we see each child as a unique individual, nurturing their strengths and celebrating their achievements as they grow and develop.

Here, childhood is celebrated in all its glory. We believe in creating a learning environment that is as exciting as it is adventurous, where every day is filled with opportunities to explore, discover and create magical moments.  Our family ethos runs deep, ensuring that every child feels valued, supported and cherished.

Safety and care are paramount at Sevenoaks Pre-Prep. Our children thrive in an environment where they feel secure to take risks in their learning, guided by our ‘Growth Mindset’ philosophy.  Through this approach, they become independent, resilient learners, equipped not just with academic knowledge but with essential life skills.

Step into Sevenoaks Pre-Prep, and you will find a lively scene: lines of wellies, a few muddy adventurers and effervescent classrooms buzzing with activity.  We believe in hands-on, practical learning as the foundation for academic success, where children learn by doing, exploring and experiencing.

As proud educators, we cultivate a rich tapestry of experiences, nurturing each child from a tiny acorn into a mighty oak.  By the time they complete their Pre-Prep journey, our children are fully prepared for the exciting challenges that lie ahead in our Prep school.

Join us at Sevenoaks Pre-Prep, where every child’s journey is a story waiting to be written, and every day is filled with wonder, growth and endless possibilities.

Warm regards,

Helen Cook

Head of Pre-Prep