Week Ending 16th June

16th June 23










Dear Parents
I hope you are all well. Cricket Day was a tremendous success! We started the event with Year 8 pupils playing a hotly contested match against their parents, with the latter eventually taking this year’s title. It was then the turn of our younger pupils, from Reception to Year 7, to take to the fields and play a series of games. Finally, we enjoyed an afternoon fixture between two teams consisting of parents, staff and alumni. A huge thank you must go to TJ Richards for arranging Cricket Day and for ensuring that the sun shone throughout the event! Thank you also to the parents and catering team who provided much needed refreshments and food.

I spent last Friday evening at Tonbridge School and it was wonderful to catch up with former Prep pupils who are now nearing the end of their school career and pondering choices beyond A-level. It never ceases to amaze me how time passes so quickly and it is so interesting to hear about why they are making their choices of university course. I am, obviously, always most pleased when I hear that they are going on to study English or drama at university – but, alas, history seemed to be the most popular subject I heard about on Friday so Mrs H is winning in the influence department!

Year 8 have enjoyed their residential trip this week, which has involved, amongst other things visiting Battle (Mrs H on her historical campaign again), watersports on the River Cuckmere and a day visiting sights in Brighton. They certainly picked the right week for it. On Thursday, I accompanied Year 7 on their combined science/geography trip where they undertook a species survey and looked at sustainability and stewardship with the National Trust Site Manager. We also had a guided tour of the Wanstone Gun Batteries and Fan Bay deep shelter. Finally, we also conducted a litter pick as part of our Eco School initiative.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I am on taxi duty Friday evening as I enjoy an evening outside Wembley Stadium listening to Harry Styles…

Best wishes

Luke Harrison










Dear Parents and Guardians,

This is the weather that I have been waiting for! What a glorious week of sunshine we have all enjoyed and
what a difference it has made to everyone. We chat a great deal about wellbeing here at The Prep. The
wellbeing of both the children and the staff and we are constantly thinking about what we can do to support
each other. I wish I could bottle this sunshine and keep it for those short, dark winter days because a drop
of sunshine mixed with a dash of warmth is sometimes just the tonic! I have been able to enjoy some
wonderful walks and runs with the dogs and so enjoy the fresh mornings in the glorious sunshine. For my
wellbeing, I love setting myself little challenges as I run and when Strava gives me that little line at the top
which states, “You’re a local legend…” I feel proud that I got myself up and out of bed and it makes it all
worth it. So, I have been trying to tell the children to ensure that they do at least one thing this week which
makes them feel proud.

‘The Street’, which is the affectionate name for the little path that leads you down past the KG, Reception
and Nursery classroom into the Pre-Prep, has been filled with children’s voices as they practise for their
various shows. Mrs Howe has commented that she just loves this season as she gets to hear each and every
song and practically knows them by heart!

We have lots of exciting events coming up in the Pre-Prep, with the next main events being the Nursery and
Kindergarten Grand Prix and Sports Morning and then the Pre-Prep Open Afternoon on Friday 23rd June at
2pm. Further, more detailed information, will be sent in the Pre-Prep Friday messages.

I hope that you are all going to be able to enjoy a wonderful weekend, perhaps some of you will be visiting
family on Sunday. The Cook household cannot wait until the end of Friday as it signals the end of GCSE
exams for our eldest. We are so excited and have a big family celebration lined up to praise his efforts and
commitment over the past few months.

Whatever you get up to, I hope you enjoy it and remember to try to do something that makes you feel

Best Wishes

Helen Cook