As a school community, we came together to democratically select the charities we will support for the next two years. The process began with children nominating both international and local charities, resulting in over 20 nominations. The school council then narrowed down the options, which were presented to the school by our Year 8 Charity Prefects.

Thanks to the support of Tonbridge and Malling Council, we were able to set up Polling Booths and Ballot Boxes for the children and staff to participate in the election process. They made their choices on ballot papers and deposited them in the ballot boxes. In the Pre-Prep, children voted by standing next to the pictures of their preferred charity after learning about each one.

Introducing the children to this election process was a fantastic experience and we are thrilled to announce that we will be continuing to support the local charity Friends for Families. They are a small charity working in the Sevenoaks area to help families facing financial hardship. Additionally, we are excited to share that our chosen international charity will be WWF which was a popular choice among the pupils.