Prep Idol 24

15th May 24

Once again, we raised the roof at ‘The Godden Green Arena’ as Prep Idol took centre stage for another unforgettable evening!

‏The stage was fantastic with colossal video screens and atmospheric lighting, setting the perfect ambiance for what was to come. And what followed was spectacular – a dazzling array of acts with sparkle, glitter, tattoo sleeves, white cowboy boots, and even confetti cannons!

‏‏Our performers most certainly shone, displaying courage and talent as they took to the stage in front of a crowd of 450 people. Feedback from the judging panel ranged from praise for ‘glorious diction and storytelling’ to admiration for ‘polished choreography’, ‘fantastic technical drumming’, ‘confident singing’, ‘on point pitching’, ‘beautiful harmonies’ and ‘wonderful audience participation’.

‏With soloists, group acts and everything from country to rock, the crowd were not disappointed. It was magical to see the excitement and camaraderie among the performers and they certainly dazzled us with their talent.

‏‏Congratulations to our winners ‘Curly Wurly Cowgirls’ who comprised of a group of friends in Year 8. A huge well done to all our performers – we loved seeing you on the stage.