week ending 10th May

10th May 24







Dear Parents

I hope you are all well and managed to have some downtime over the bank holiday weekend.

At school, the fever is building and the red carpet is being unrolled in preparation for our annual Prep Idol extravaganza! There is always a palpable buzz around the event as our artistes prepare to take to the stage in the world-famous Godden Green Arena. I cannot wait for the articulated trucks to arrive with the sound and visual equipment. There is always excitement around what new pieces of technology will be put to use; Mr Collings tells me that he is excited about 2024’s video screens. We had a smile earlier in the week as we recalled Prep Idol 1, where visuals involved sticking together lots of A3 pieces of paper to make one giant Marshall amp poster which was then Sellotaped to the drama blocks that we had bolted together at the back of the stage. How far we have come!

We have news that the organisers of Eurovision have been in touch with Mr Collings to demand that next year Prep Idol be on another date as it is pulling viewers away from their competition. I believe Mr Collings is playing hard ball and has told them that they need to move the date of Eurovision – nothing gets in the way of the Prep Idol juggernaut…
Next week, will see our parent golfers battle it out at the annual Golf Day at Knole Park Golf Club. Thank you to Ali Croft for organising the event – let us hope the weather stays kind and everyone involved has a wonderful time!

Best wishes

Luke Harrison









Dear Parents,
Monday 29th April was a fabulous day, filled with all things STEAM! Firstly, I just wanted to explain what STEAM is and what it stands for:

We have been holding these STEAM days for a number of years now and I expect that many parents wonder about the benefits of these days and what the impact is to the pupils. We believe that these days are hugely beneficial and some of the areas where it can support the children are listed below:#

1. Interdisciplinary Learning: STEAM days integrate subjects that are traditionally taught separately, fostering connections between different fields and promoting a holistic understanding of concepts.
2. Critical Thinking: Activities on STEAM days often involve problem-solving, experimentation and hands-on exploration, encouraging children to think critically and creatively.
3. Collaboration: Many STEAM activities require teamwork and collaboration, teaching children how to communicate effectively, share ideas and work together towards a common goal.
4. Innovation and Creativity: By engaging in activities that blend art and science, children are encouraged to think innovatively and creatively, exploring new ideas and solutions.
5. Real-world Relevance: STEAM education often emphasises real-world applications, helping children understand how the concepts they learn in school are relevant to their lives and future careers.
6. Experiential Learning: Hands-on activities and experiments allow children to learn through experience, making concepts more tangible and memorable.
7. Problem-solving Skills: STEAM activities often present children with challenges that require them to analyse problems, brainstorm solutions and adapt their approaches as needed, fostering problem-solving skills.

Confidence Building: Successfully completing STEAM activities can boost children’s confidence in their abilities, especially in areas like maths and science, where they may have felt less confident previously.
9. Introduction to Technology: STEAM days often involve the use of technology, introducing children to tools and devices that are increasingly important in today’s world.
10. Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion: By integrating art into STEM subjects, STEAM education can attract a wider range of students with diverse interests and talents, promoting inclusivity in the classroom.

Here in the Pre-Prep, the children enjoyed a fabulous day filled with lots of exciting activities to stimulate their brains! Every child from Reception to Year 2 took part in a fun-filled science workshop, which was full of exciting experiments and fun facts. They also really enjoyed some Lego workshops, allowing the children to think critically and organise their thinking. Year 2 took the Lego workshops to the next level, building in robotics to their programme.

Finally, the children all had the opportunity to take part in an exciting art project, focusing on Katsushika Hokusai’s famous picture of the ‘Great Wave Off Kanagawa’.
A huge thank you to all of the staff for their hard work and effort in making the day so fun for everyone.

The sunshine has finally started to make an appearance which means that the Maypole practise is in full swing! It now definitely feels as if summer is on the way as I listen to the distant sounds of the tambourine in the Pre-Prep garden whilst the children prepare their dances.

Please keep an eye on the diary for upcoming events, as it is a jam-packed term! We have tried to place as many activities in one day as possible to minimise the disruption to your working week.

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck to all the children participating in Prep Idol.

Warm regards,
Helen Cook
Head of Pre-Prep