Steam Day

3rd May 24

This summer term saw the whole school from Nursery all the way to Year 8 get involved with our STEAM day theme of Water.  The sun shone, hands were busy and collaboration and teamwork flourished amongst the children, as they pooled their creativity and skills to tackle various challenges.

Children participated in a range of activities that allowed them to explore the idea of water through different subjects. There were engineering activities of constructing water mills, boats and sources of renewable energy. Paint and collage were used to create Hokusai’s The Great Wave with outstanding success. Recyclable plastic were used in creating water runs and experimenting with the Archimedes screw, it was wonderful to see children problem solving and using trial and error to make their plans happen.  In addition we invited in Bricks4Kidz to Pre-Prep (Yr-Y1) and the children worked with Lego to create underwater creatures, moving windmills, a wind turbine (complete with spinning blades) and mosaics of different animals that live in the water.

Thank you to Dr Rolls, Mr Eyers, Ms Cashin, Mrs Fuller, Mrs Schultz and all involved in STEAM Day for all your hard work and making it such an enjoyable experience for everyone.