Year 2 Roald Dahl Day!

22nd April 24

Year 2 launched their summer term topic of Fantastic Mr Fox with a day of all things Roald Dahl! Children were invited to dress up as their favourite Roald Dahl character whilst they took part in a full day of creating their own bespoke Wonka bars, making dreamcatchers for the BFG, and learning to draw the Enormous Crocodile in the style of Quentin Blake. They also read The Magic Finger and watched a special dramatisation of it from the Unicorn Theatre. In between all of these activities they also learnt about Roald Dahl himself and discovered where he got his fantastical ideas from. ​

Fun facts about Roald Dahl you may not know:​

He invented more than 500 new words and character names.​
He wrote most of his books in his garden shed.​
One of his most famous books almost had a different name.​
His books were inspired by the people and things around him.​
Roald Dahl fought in WW2 and was a spy.​