Years 7&8 Lecture Series

17th April 24

A huge thank you to Mr William Law, Head of Modern Languages & Head of French at, who came to visit us yesterday as part of our Years 7&8 Lecture series.

Mr Law gave a thought-provoking lecture to our senior pupils about the power of language. He delved into the dynamics of language usage, how we interact with each other and its profound influence on our perception of the word. He explored the use of language across different platforms such as elections, advertising, horoscopes and the news and also examined the implications of silence and how the absence of language and communication would affect us.

His lasting thought was for us to never take the ability to speak or communicate for granted and his lecture definitely got us talking! We are very grateful to Mr Law for sharing his expertise and challenging our senior pupils to think about the role of language in shaping the world around them.