Peter Pan Jr.

20th March 24

We are so proud of our Year 5 and 6 pupils who captivated the audience with their enchanting performance of ‘Peter Pan Jr.’, taking us on an unforgettable trip to Neverland.

The play opens with Peter and his mischievous fairy sidekick, Tinkerbell, visiting the nursery of the Darling children late one night. With a sprinkle of fairy dust, they begin a magical journey across the stars that none of them will ever forget. The cast brought the play to life as the Darling children meet the Lost Children, come face to face with the Fierce Girls, a band of pirates and of course the villainous Captain Hook.

You could hear a pin drop during the performance of ‘Tender Shepherd’ and everyone enjoyed the rousing renditions of ‘I won’t grow up’ and ‘I’m flying’. A huge well done to the whole cast and production crew who brought warmth and humour to the show, with some standout stage performances.