Week Ending 5 February

5th February 24






Dear Parents
I hope you are all well.

I was analysing a poem with my Year 7 English class last week and we were discussing the idea of how
one’s life can be influenced by a moment or a particular road one has taken. We reflected on our own
lives, remembering certain conversations and encounters that have affected what we have done and
where we have been.

This hit home earlier this week when I visited The King’s School, Canterbury and met up with ex-Prep pupil
Rob Harrison (no relation), who is now a housemaster at the School. I first met Rob back in the early 2000s
when I taught him English at The Prep and it was lovely to reminisce with him about his experiences and
learn more about how his love of languages, which started here, led him to pursue languages at senior
school and onto degree level. From there, he became a languages teacher and a highly respected and
inspirational member of the King’s community.

I am delighted that Rob will be visiting The Prep this month to kick off our newly introduced Years 7 and 8
Lecture Series, aimed at further enriching the educational experience for our senior pupils. Our aim with
this initiative is to continue making learning dynamic and inspiring for our Year 7 and 8 pupils.

Best wishes

Luke Harrison








Dear Parents and Guardians,

I trust this message finds you well and that you have had a wonderful past couple
of weeks. It has been a hive of activity here in Pre-Prep, and I am delighted to
share some highlights with you.

Since my last update, our Year 2 students have been immersed in an
extraordinary learning experience during our fabulous Chinese Workshop
Morning. This engaging event provided a captivating glimpse into the rich
tapestry of Chinese culture. The children not only learned about various aspects
of this fascinating culture but also actively participated, creating lasting memories. The workshop was
designed to be both educational and enjoyable, aligning with our commitment to providing a well-rounded
education for our pupils. The children had the opportunity to explore different facets of Chinese traditions,
arts and customs, fostering a deep appreciation for diversity and global perspectives.

This term, our little learners in Kindergarten have been fully engrossed in their exploration of the fascinating
world of pets. The theme of ‘Pets’ has provided a unique and hands-on opportunity for our children to learn
important lessons about responsibility, compassion and the joy of companionship. The children have been
delving into the intricacies of pet care, discussing what qualities make a good pet and even dreaming about
their own ideal furry, feathered or scaled companions! This immersive experience has not only enriched
their understanding of the animal kingdom, but has also fostered a sense of empathy and consideration for
the needs of our four-legged friends. I am delighted to share that Angus, our wellbeing dog, graced
Kindergarten with his presence on Tuesday afternoon. Angus played an essential role in helping our young
learners understand the specific needs of dogs and what it takes to be a responsible pet owner. The children
were not only captivated by Angus’s charm but also actively participated in activities that highlighted the
importance of providing love, care and attention to our animal friends.

The children have loved taking part in our Number Day this week. It was wonderful to watch the children
jump out of their cars so enthusiastically in their number themed costumes and it sparked many
conversations about numbers. The staff particularly enjoyed wearing their celebratory 18 or 21 badges too!
Huge thanks to Miss Young and Mrs Shultz for organising such a wonderful event across the whole school.
I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,

Helen Cook