1st July 23

We recently held STEAM day at The Prep and this year our topic was Space. We were extremely grateful to Dr Louisa Preston who spent the day with us and pupils were gripped as Dr Preston explained how her research into life in extreme environments on Earth will help her to understand what to look for on other planets and moons in our solar system and beyond. We also had virtual speakers from NASA and the University of Western Australia join in the fun. Dr Benjamin Dix-Matthews sent us a fascinating video all about the satellites he works on, whilst Constantine Tsang, who works for NASA, sent a video answering lots of questions that Years 3-7 sent to him in advance of the day.

Pupils found out about all aspects of space through a variety of activities, whilst providing the opportunity to develop skills such as teamwork, problem solving and communication. They handled meteorites, launched bottle rockets, painted planets with balloons, made parachutes, investigated impact craters, built stomp rockets which reached some impressive heights and much much more.

We would like to thank all those who embraced STEAM and gave up their time for our pupils, it was a fantastic day.