Week Ending 12th May

12th May 23









Dear Parents

I hope you are all well.

It has been great to hear from the pupils about how they spent their “Coronation Weekend”- there seem to have been lots of gatherings, parties and events taking place and also people taking time on Monday to volunteer in their local area. I went to a wonderful party on Saturday night in the village where I live and bumped into a former pupil who has moved back from Australia. I also met a new neighbour who turned out to be the younger sister of a friend of mine from when I was a pupil at The Prep – I am now so old that I remember the day she was born…

One important event passes and we move on to another. I am, of course, not talking about Eurovision (though it was great to see a reformed Frankie Goes to Hollywood on television the other night!) but an event of greater, international significance – Prep Idol. The acts have been busy rehearsing and Mr Collings is walking around school in the role of Sevenoaks Prep’s very own Simon Cowell. The excitement is certainly building as the performers enter the final stages of rehearsal and prepare for their soundchecks later in the week. The staging is going up and I have no doubt two articulated lorries, packed full of audiovisual equipment, will be arriving at The G² – The Godden Green Arena – imminently. Prep Idol really is an event like no other and if you have not purchased your tickets yet then I would urge you to do so!

Best wishes

Luke Harrison










Dear Parents,

What a wonderful and memorable coronation weekend it was! I sat and watched the ceremony from the comfort of my living room and I could not believe the splendour of it all. The concert was also fabulous and the effects created by the drones and lighting were spectacular. I hope that you were all able to enjoy the weekend in a special way and I think that it will certainly be something that the older children in the Pre-Prep will look back on and remember.

This week, we hosted the first of our Pre-Prep music assemblies. Huge thanks to Mrs Dwinell and Mrs Billingham who have worked so hard and conscientiously to prepare the children for their performances. The children were incredible and I was amazed how confidently they introduced their pieces and then played. We had performances from soloists on their violins and the piano, as well as group performances from our recorder players. Well done to all of our performers, you were amazing!

The maypole dancing has been in full swing this week. Children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have been practising hard and the teachers have been supporting them as they try to master some of the tricky manoeuvres. Please remember that we warmly invite all parents to come along on Friday 26th May at 2.00 pm to watch the children perform, hopefully the sun will be shining!

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,

Helen Cook