Week Ending 27th Jan 23

30th January 23









Dear Parents

I have spent part of this week doing interview practice with some of our Year 8 pupils. This is always an
enjoyable time as one gets to chat about things beyond the classroom and engage on a more hypothetical
level. For example, one discussion led to an assessment of whether or not it was right for medical
practitioners to withhold information from patients if it was felt this was in the best interests of the
patient. Hearing the reasoning of young people who are often not tainted by the levels of cynicism that
can affect the adult mind is both reassuring and enlightening.

Our pupils go on to schools where the interview process can be one-to-one or it could be more of a grouprelated experience. Either way, I believe that it is essential that our destination schools meet our pupils
face-to-face and use these interactions as an important ingredient in the application process to sit
alongside whatever academic assessments they take. I am reassured when I speak to admissions teams
and headteachers at senior schools that they agree!

Creative Arts Week is shaping up well and it is going to be an action-packed time with so many interesting
workshops and presentations available to the pupils. Could I also take this opportunity to plug the evening
concert by our very own Hannah Richards and Alex Beharrell on Tues 7th February at 7.30 pm – please do
come along for what I know will be a tremendous event. (Book your place now by emailing

Best wishes

Luke Harrison











Dear Parents,

It has certainly been another cold week at school and I do not think that there is a
single teacher left in the school who cannot wait for the warmer, brighter, longer days. I have been amazed
though to see some snowdrops beginning to appear in the flower bed outside my office. I did not think that
they would want to show themselves whilst the weather is still quite so cold, but I am pleased that it is a
gentle reminder that spring is coming!

The house points are gradually building. Our current total scores are:
Vine 208
Seal 158
Weald 156
Knole 130

So, if you have a child in Knole house, do encourage them to try to earn lots of pom poms in the coming
week to help build their score! Children can earn the pom poms for a variety of reasons, it could be for
academic achievement, perseverance in their work or for being an excellent role model and really showing
that they are following our Way of Life.

We are excited about the upcoming hockey tournament, organised by our brilliant sports teacher, Mr
Worgan. Mrs Howe emailed some further information regarding kit lists and approximate timings for each
event. I very much look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Best wishes,

Helen Cook