Week ending 18th November 22

18th November 22









Dear Parents

I hope you are all well.

As I arrived at school on Thursday morning, not even the rain could dampen the spirits of the pupils who were all busy comparing their festive headwear. I can tell that they are all looking forward to the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday. Thank you to everyone involved in putting this wonderful event together – it is such a lovely family occasion. I have just been into the Hall to see the decorations going up and found Mr Gates-Fleming up a rather tall ladder rig, and being rather afraid of heights it made me feel somewhat dizzy! My daughters found the “Heart Xmas” radio station last month and have been trying to have it on in the car on the way to school – I have managed to hold things off until now but they have always told me that once the Sevenoaks Prep Christmas Bazaar happens then Christmas has officially begun. I suppose this means that it will be all Maria Carey and Slade every morning between now and the end of term…

Knole, Seal, Vine and Weald are busy putting together their acts for the House Music Competition later this month. It was like watching four episodes of the X-Factor going on at once during the audition process, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge well done to everyone who put themselves forward – you are very brave!

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday – Ho, Ho, Ho!

Best wishes

Luke Harrison











Dear Parents

This week, our Monday assembly got off to a flying start with a visit from the Y8 Library Prefects, Neil and Zoe.  The children listed to Neil and Zoe tell them all about what the aim of the Readathon was and why we are raising money.  Huge thank you to both Neil and Zoe and also to Mrs Wake and Mrs Doherty for organising another wonderful and worthwhile event.

The Pre-Prep children shall be able to visit the library during their lunchtimes this week to squeeze in some extra reading if they would like to, so please encourage them to do so!


Best wishes

Helen Cook