Week ending 11th November 22

11th November 22











Dear Parents

I hope you are all well.

I began the week with an assembly that focused on the new words that have made it into The Collins
English Dictionary in 2022. The word of the year is permacrisis, meaning “an extended period of instability
and insecurity” – which probably sums up 2022 quite well. However, by far the best word was splooting,
which is when pets and other animals lie flat on their stomachs on cool surfaces with legs stretched out as
a way of countering unusually high temperatures. This is certainly something my dog, Harvey, has

On Friday, we held an Assembly of Remembrance for those who have given service in times of
war. Following a two-minute silence at 11.00am, Year 8 and members of staff visited Godden Green to lay
a wreath, learn more about the names of those whose names are on the war memorial, read some poetry
and pause for a moment’s reflection.

On Saturday, we will be holding Ian Culley’s memorial service in The Hall. I know that many alumni have
been in touch and we are expecting many families to join us at the service, which starts at
10.00am. Everyone is most welcome and we are looking forward to sharing memories of Ian, and
celebrating the impact and legacy of his involvement with Sevenoaks Prep.

Best wishes

Luke Harrison













Dear Parents,

We are incredibly busy planning for our Christmas events and the Christmas songs can now be heard flowing
through every classroom and corridor as you move around. It is just so exciting!

I have been spending my time this week visiting each classroom and seeing the children in their lessons. It
has been wonderful to see the progress through each year and also seeing how each class has now matured
as they have moved up into their next year group. I have been particularly interested in seeing how my staff
differentiate their activities for each individual and I cannot believe the amount of creative ways each
teacher uses to motivate and stimulate your children. We talk about ‘differentiation’ a great deal in the
teacher world and you might hear us mention this when we meet for parent consultations. In easy speak, it
simply means how we adapt and change pieces of work or activities to meet the needs of every child in the
classroom. The Way of Life is clear to see in each room; it has been a delight to watch children persevere
with a task, or support their friend in a lesson, to discuss their work with their class as well as taking a
mature and sensible approach to their learning.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,

Helen Cook

Head of Pre-Prep