Week ending 04th November 22

4th November 22


Dear Parents

I hope that you are all well and welcome back after the half term break.

I certainly wasn’t expecting to stand in front of the pupils on Monday morning talking about the fact that we had a new Prime Minister; my joke about 10 Downing Street being available as a short break on AirBnB garnered a few moans and groans from staff and pupils alike.  Still, a little later on in the day I received an email from an alumni family and news that one of our former pupils, Anna Surrey, is on the political campaign trail in America and is mixing with some rather important people along the way – do have a look at the article later on in the newsletter. Anna visited Sevenoaks Prep when she was last in the area and spoke with our Years 7 and 8 pupils about the work she does and we will certainly get her back when we can.

We were very sorry to have to cancel this year’s firework display; we are aware of what a highlight it is in the school calendar and did not take the decision lightly.  Safety is paramount.  Nevertheless, pupils have obviously been busy over the past few weeks as there has been a steady stream of Guys arriving at school over the past few days – scroll down for photos of the wonderful creations.  We will be lighting David Cochrane’s 37th Sevenoaks Prep bonfire at 2pm today for the children to enjoy and hope that this goes some small way to make the day feel a bit special for them.

So, Halloween ticked off on Monday, the bonfire today – so that means next up is Christmas…


Best wishes

Luke Harrison




Dear Parents,

I do hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful half term break.

It was lovely to welcome the children back this week and what a start to the second half of the autumn term we have had!  Huge thanks to Mrs McGilchrist who decorated our Pre-Prep marquee and the walk into school on Monday in order to help our Diwali celebrations.  The children were wowed as they walked into school!

Monday was a hugely busy day and children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 all enjoyed taking part in our Diwali dance workshops.  Before the dancing began, they learnt all about the Diwali celebrations and how it is celebrated across the world.  Throughout the workshop, they were shown various different moves and how these translated into words as the children danced.  It was great fun!

On Tuesday, the children enjoyed learning about the art of Mehndi and had the opportunity to choose their own design.  Our artist was fabulous and hats off to her as she managed to tattoo 120 children single-handedly throughout the day.

We have so many lovely activities coming up throughout the term and Mrs Howe will be ensuring that our Pre-Prep dates are shared in our Friday news that gets sent each week.  Please do keep checking back for any additional dates that may get added each week.

Have a lovely weekend.


Best wishes

Helen Cook