A warm welcome back to all pupils

25th June 20

From The Headmaster, Luke Harrison. 

I am grateful to staff and parents for all their support this week in helping us settle the children back into school life.  Although we have had to make changes to the routines they are used to, they have embraced the changes with aplomb and everyone is enjoying being back on site.  We are all getting used to the new timings and routines, from “bubbles” and “pods” to “zones” and packed lunches on the field.  What is great is that everyone is just “getting on with it” with no fuss and no drama: this is our new “norm” – for the moment – and that’s okay.

It has been great to see so many parents at drop off and collection.  Thank you for being so punctual!  The system seems to be working well, with no cars queuing on the road and families able to get away safely.

What has really struck me this week has been noise.  On March 22nd the School fell pretty silent.  Gradually, over time, with children of key workers on site, then the return after half term of certain Year groups, and now with the return of everyone, “The Prep” is back to what it should be – full of voice and laughter.

Best wishes

Luke Harrison