Message from Luke Harrison: Remote Learning

22nd April 20

We find ourselves in uncharted territory and, like all areas of life, Sevenoaks Prep is having to adapt to the reality of the situation before us and plan for a period of time where our children will be continuing their schooling whilst at home.

Whilst this presents challenge, it also presents opportunity – and I am proud of the way that staff have spent the past few weeks getting to grips with new systems and technologies, as well as adapting their planning and teaching so that the children can embrace the new term knowing that there will be familiarity – as well as new possibilities that will develop their knowledge and understanding.  Whilst teachers will be following the established curriculum, new opportunities will be explored as a consequence of the circumstances that present themselves at this time.

Our “Way of Life” has never been more important than now, and pupils have tremendous opportunity to reflect on the values we hold dear and also practise them on a daily basis at a time where their usual way of life has been interrupted.  Home learning is not just about academic work, and our ongoing commitment to the pastoral care of our children is equally important.  We are here to support them, and you, during this difficult time.

Technology will play an important part of the children’s learning over the coming weeks.  We have taken the view that this technology is the platform that enables us to carry out our teaching and learning – it is not the driver.  However, with technology comes issues of reliability; our IT team are on hand to provide support should you need them.  We will be using Target Tracker for our youngest pupils, Seesaw and MS Teams for our older pupils.

It is important that the children have periods away from the screens and, Government guidelines permitting, have time to be outside, exploring and exercising.  Some lessons will encourage this, and our sports staff have planned sessions of activity for pupils – feel free to join in!

Our Online Learning Guide has been sent to each of you as a helpful reference point for the period of time that the children are learning from home.

Of course, the reality is that this is a fast-moving environment and the information in this guide is an initial step.  As things progress, and we get feedback from pupils, parents and staff, we will keep you updated as to what we are planning and what new initiatives we can introduce to the children.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Best wishes

Luke Harrison