Centenary Centre

28th February 20

Over half term, Mr Harrison was given the keys to the Centenary Centre by Mick from Baxall’s. The staff and pupils were delighted to move into the new classrooms and this week there has been much excitement, despite the exams, as pupils have had their first lessons in the stunning building. Decorating the magnetic lockers
has been a highlight too of course!

The Centenary Centre is the final part of our centenary projects.   This bold and imaginative building encompasses a vision of how teaching and learning at the school should be.  It is a large and light space which encourages more of the informal contact between teachers and children, and children with each other, which makes The Prep so special. The design incorporates areas and features seen in the best senior schools; so Sevenoaks Prep pupils in Years 6,7 and 8 will be better equipped for life beyond The Prep. With a library at its core, a presentation area and social space, as well as classrooms, art studio, science lab and ITC suite all with state-of-the-art equipment and technology,  this building places emphasis on curiosity, maturity and independence.  Inspirational teaching is at the heart of Sevenoaks Prep, but great facilities matter too.